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Cafelatstore - Tamper Hanger Instruction


Tamper Hanger Instruction

 There are 3 different options for mounting your Cafelat tamper hanger.

1. Hang the main section (without the back plate) directly onto a wall - the back of the main section has a V-shape cut out to enable you to hook it over a single flat-head screw.

2, Screw the back plate directly into a wall using the 2 wall plugs which are included in the bag. Slide the main section firmly down onto the back plate and lock the main section into space.

3. Using the 3M double sided sticker, which is included in the bag, mount the back plate to a flat surface such as the side of a coffee grinder or espresso machine


To clean the hanger, simply lifT the main section off the wall or off of the back plate and wipe it clean. Do not put the main section into a dishwisher. Please note that the special rubber coating used to prevent damage to your tamper may wear off over time.