Introducing the XT Tamper

Posted November 10 2012

The World's first and only stepless height adjustable tamper

The new adjustable XT tamper from Cafelat features a patent pending stepless height adjustment mechanism which means the handle has approximately 20mm of range between it's shortest and it's tallest positions.  You can lock it off any any point in this range and the lock is hidden away inside.  No ugly or messy adjustment spacers or washers to deal with.

As you can see in the photo, the tamper is fully extended on the left and fully contracted on the right.   The range is approximately 20mm.

The tamper is also made entirely from high grade stainless steel and yet weights the same as a standard wooden handled tamper with a steel base.  We can't tell you exactly how they have achieved this but the weight and balance are awesome.  

All bases are FLAT and come in 53mm, 58mm and 58.35mm for the VST Baskets.

The handle can be either with the funky cast finish or with the mirror finish.


XT Tall and Short

XT base