Covid-19 shipping arrangement

Standard (i.e. Cheaper) service:

e-Express service and registered package/parcel service are ONLY available for certain countries. Please visit the link below for more information.

We currently do not have an estimate time of departure due to the uncertainty. Your order will be on-hold without additional notice if Hong Kong suspend their services. 


You can estimate the freight charges at the bottom the ''CART'' page after inputting the items into CART. 


Q: Will you ship to my country?

  1. If you check out with e-Express or registered package/parcel (i.e. CHEAPER) service and the services are not available in your country, then we will not be able to complete your order. https://www.hongkongpost.hk/en/about_us/whats_new/notices/index.html
  2. We will email if you require to pay the FedEx ''out of area service charges - US$30'' https://www.fedex.com/content/dam/fedex/us-united-states/services/Zipcodes_OPA_ODA.pdf
  3. You will not be able to complete the purchase if there is no shipping service to your country.

Q: Will you ship the Robot - Manual Espresso Maker?

You are only able to check-out the Robot with EMS Speedpost or FedEx  service. 

We will send the Robot order within 10 working days from the day of order. If  Hong Kong suspend their services (EMS Speedpost), we will send your order via FedEx or SF Express without additional notice.

Q: When will you ship my order?

  1. Normal order - every Tuesdays/Fridays. 
  2. Robot order - 10 working days from the day of order
  3. Portafilter/Tamper - 3-7 working days from the day of order
Q: How do I know if there is shipping service in my area?
Q: Will you able to ship to my area?

You are unable to complete your purchase if there is no shipping service to your country.

  1. e-Express or Registered Package or Registered Parcel or EMS Speedpost - https://www.hongkongpost.hk/en/about_us/whats_new/notices/index.html
  2. FedEx - www.fedex.com

Q: Will there be a delay on shipping?

YES. Base on the information given by Hong Kong Post Office and FedEx, there will be delay on all shipments.

  1. EMS Speedpost - at least 2 weeks delay.
  2. FedEx - money back guarantee suspended.