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Cafelatstore - Tamper Bases (for Espresso series)


Tamper Bases (for Espresso series)


A Cafelat Tamper base only, these fit the following Cafelat Espresso series tamper handles:
Rubber: http://www.cafelatstore.com/products/espresso-rubber-wood-tamper 
Walnut: http://www.cafelatstore.com/products/espresso-walnut-wood-tamper
Aluminium: http://www.cafelatstore.com/products/espresso-aluminium-tamper-1
Zebra: http://www.cafelatstore.com/products/espresso-zebra-wood-tamper
Premium: http://www.cafelatstore.com/products/espresso-premium-tamper

All expertly finished in-house with a silky smooth brushed finish.

The bases come in 53mm Flat, 58mm Flat, 58mm Convex and VST 58.5mm Flat.

For custom make tamper base, we can do any size from 49mm up to 58.5mm Flat. Please write the custom size in ''Add special instructions for your order....'' when you check out. The normal tamper base is not suitable for the Robot - Manual Espresso Maker.