Royal Tamper


The Royal is our premium tamper featuring a combination of different materials - in this case the middle section is a comfortable black rubber, whilst the crown part is made from aluminium with a satin brushed finish.

Like the Drop handle, the Royal too has an elegant shape that fits the hand perfectly, which is much more comfortable than bulkier door knob shaped tampers. This is the result of having a professional designer look at the tamper design from the ground up.

The black tamper seat is included as part of the set, and made from food grade silicone.

The base is made from 304 stainless steel and features a silky smooth brushed finish.

Handle Designed by: Karina Mencke, Denmark

The stainless steel base is finished in-house by Paul Pratt

For custom make tamper base, we can do any size from 49mm up to 58mm Flat. Please write the custom size in ''Add special instructions for your order....'' when you check out.