Milk Pitcher 0.3 / 0.5L / 0.75L


Our new milk jug is an absolute beauty. Designed on and off by Paul Pratt over a few years to incorporate all the features needed to create an awesome jug.

  • Mirror finish, thick 304 stainless steel walls 
  • An absolutely amazing spout for latte art
  • A rolled rim for holding it handle free
  • The handle itself was designed to be as comfortable as possible
  • Stamped logos on both the handle and the base
  • No ugly spot welds, the handles are laser welded

We currently have 3 sizes the 0.3L, the 0.5L and the 0.75L.  The 0.3L is perfect for home users. 

Probably the best milk pitcher on the market today.

Product Information:
Material :Stainless Steel
Colour options : Mirror Finished
Size: 300ml (10oz) or 500ml(17oz) or 750ml (25.3oz)
Product Weight :210g (0.3L) or 260g (0.5L) or 390g (0.75L)
Packaging : 1 milk pitcher per box
Design by: Paul Pratt