La Pavoni (Millenium 51mm) Portafilter


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The wait is over, we made a very small run of these Pavoni portaflters as a fun project. Getting a bottomless portafilter, we believe, is the single most important upgrade you can do to your Pavoni machine.  It allows you to see what is happening with the pre-infusion before fully pressing down the lever. 

What you have here is a stainless steel portafilter for your beloved La Pavoni machine that also converts to bottomless in just a second.  We made it so that it looks just like the original and looks absolutely fantastic all highly mirror polished, even the bottom plate.

Naked (bottomless) portafilter set US$85 includes - 

  • La Pavoni (Millenium 51mm) portafilter body with black bakelite handle
  • 1 x basket spring clip

Complete portafilter with mini-double spout set US$110 includes -

  • La Pavoni (Millenium 51mm) portafilter body with black bakelite handle and basket spring clip
  • bottom plate with silicone o-ring, a mini double spout and a fixing grub screw
  • 1 x 2mm allen key for fixing the grub screw
  • 1 x bottom plate spare silicone o-ring

Not only is this probably the best naked portafilter available, made entirely of highly polished stainless steel, but you can also add the base plate and spouts and make it into a regular portafilter any time you like.

The naked portafilter body has been designed as a naked portafilter, so no ugly chop marks or pieces missing from important structural parts.

Even better is that the position of the spouts can be adjusted to each machine, so you can have them line up to the position you want.

All the Cafelat naked portafilters are compatible with the spouts from the other models.