Espresso Rubber Wood Tamper


This is our new very high quality basic and economical espresso tamper. The handle is made from Rubber Wood, which is commonly used for a lot of wooden children's toys and other kitchen utensils. It is then given a durable lacquer finish.  We also chose rubber wood because it is made from sustainable rubber trees.

The base is a different shape to our other tampers and made from a different grade of stainless steel. 

The tamper comes in a basic gift box, but does not include a tamper seat. Our Tamper seats are compatible with this base, but must be purchases separately.

Please note that the handle and the bases of this model are not compatible with our other tamper handles or bases.

For custom make tamper base, we can do any size from 49mm up to 58.5mm Flat. Please write the custom size in ''Add special instructions for your order....'' when you check out. The normal tamper is not suitable for the Robot - Manual Espresso Maker.