Modern Lever Group gaskets


The piston seals for the levers are now blue, they are now a different design to the red seals which will only be used on the Robot from now on.  The new blue seals are a bit larger than the red seals. 

Please note that although the gaskets are strong under compression, you should never use a sharp tool like a screwdriver to install them. This may tear the silicone.

Please visit http://www.cafelatstore.com/products/ims-screen for more information about the screen.

Our own silicone piston V seals and portafilter gaskets for the current lever groups on the market. Please refer to the photo to see examples of the groups - they are used by Astoria, Brasilia, Bosco, Kees VDW, Londinium, Quickmill et al..

Each piston requires 3 V seals. The V seals are must softer and easier to install than the rubber ones.  

How to install Cafelat silicone lever piston seals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbHiIr3GCMs

How to install Cafelat silicone lever portafilter seals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoJdfF5C1rs

The portafilter gasket is again softer than the rubber/epdm seals which makes locking the portafilter in a bit easier on the wrists. It is also designed to be softer to take into account the use of the E61 screens. 

As with any silicone seal, you should only use food safe silicone grease to lubricate them, do not slather it on, a sheen is sufficient. Dow 111 is a good choice.

Size for modern lever portafilter gasket: 66mm x 56mm x 6mm (Blue): SGS food test report