Robot Espresso Maker - Powder Coating


Each Robot is handmade, assembled and tested in Hong Kong by Paul Pratt, it is then packed by us as well so we ensure we know what is in each and every box.
Please allow around 10 working days after placing your order for it to be completed.

The Robot is a small, high-quality manual coffee maker that makes real espresso. It uses a few parts, no complicated electronics and only premium materials like stainless steel - it is completely plastic-free. All you need is ground coffee, some hot water from a kettle and you are all set. The whole process is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Inside the box (for orders placed after July 2020)

To purchase the spare parts for the Robot, please visit https://www.cafelatstore.com/collections/types?q=Robot

User manual, safety and warranty
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