Robot Espresso Maker - Powder Coating


Each Robot is handmade, assembled and tested in Hong Kong by Paul Pratt, it is then packed by us as well so we ensure we know what is in each and every box.

The Robot is a small, high-quality manual coffee maker that makes real espresso. It uses a few parts, no complicated electronics and only premium materials like stainless steel - it is completely plastic-free. All you need is ground coffee, some hot water from a kettle and you are all set. The whole process is simple and takes just a few minutes.

We have 2 versions, Regular and Barista. They are essentially the same except that the Barista has a pressure gauge system which measures the actual pressure inside the basket during extraction. 

Fresh ground coffee from a coffee grinder such as a hand grinder or an electric grinder. Blade grinders will not work. Fresh coffee is to be used with the professional filter basket.  

Pre-ground supermarket coffee (e.g. the solid bricks) can be used with our pressurised double wall basket. Pre-ground coffee such as this only really work with the special pressurised basket.


Inside the box (for orders placed after Feb 2020)

  • The main body of the Robot with the arms and base assembled.
  • Full set of pressure gauge installed (if you have the Barista version)
  • 1 portafilter and 1 portafilter spout
  • basket of your choice
  • 1 stainless steel tamper
  • stainless steel filter screen
  • 1 bag of filter paper as a replacement of filter screen
  • 1 silicone mat
  • 1 coffee measuring spoon (supplied with the pressurized basket only)
  • Piston blanking plug and Teflon washer (if you have the Barista version)
User manual, safety and warranty
Shipping cost